Atomic Swaps DEX - Trade BTC, ETH, XMR, DAI USDT, USDC and more

Atomic Swap Decentralized Exchange (DEX) andmulti-chain non-custodial wallet. No email required, no wrappedtokens - install & trade any blockchain in seconds.

SwapWithin and AcrossBlockchains

Start trading immediately, no signup required, no tracking

Swap Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero (XMR), DAI, USDT, USDC and any ERC-20 Token

Trade assets directly, peer-to-peer via distributed order book, without any middlemen

HTLC, Adaptor Signatures, and DLEQ Proofs (ZK Proofs) allow non-custodial cross-chain swaps for blockchains without smart contracts

Private keys never leave your device, stick to “Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto” principle

Smarter Way To ExchangeCrypto

Best cross-chain swap exchange

Liquidity provided by programmatic market makers which anyone can run.

Atomic Swap Driven Order Book

Swaps can be completed within minutes for BTC and XMR, seconds for ETH / ERC-20.

Limitless Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps

Trade without limits and restrictions, and pay less than on DEXes.

Be In Control of Your Wallet

You control private keys and all the smart contracts involved, not a third party.

Our Mission -The Way of the SovereignIndividual

Anywhere you are


Nobody’s permission required